Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Clean your home with natural, green, and organic products

If you share your home with pets or other people, especially small children, you might be concerned about exposing them to chemicals. You should be. Cleaning products that contain chemicals we take for granted, like bleach or ammonia, are harsh and can even be toxic. They can make your allergy symptoms worse or make you sick.

Cats are especially vulnerable to absorbing chemicals because they tend to hang out on every horizontal surface in the home. (At least, they do in my home.) When they clean themselves, they ingest substances that could build up over time and make them ill.

Babies and toddlers are also at risk since they explore floors and tables and then put their fingers in their mouth to see what everything tastes like. Yummy!

I made this site to tell you about some of the products I have used over the years. They get my kitties' seal of approval. Besides being natural, green, and/or organic, these cleaning products smell great! And even if you already love cleaning your home, the fragrances of geranium, pine, rose, lemon verbena, sandalwood, mint, and lavender will make it more fun!

Click on the links and you'll be taken to Amazon to read more and buy the products. I get a little percentage on each purchase you make from my website, but it won't affect your price.

Please check back here for updates and links to other terrific products I have discovered. Your comments and questions are welcome.

Here's to natural, green, smell-good and feel-good cleaning!

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